Practising endurance

Daylight savings time was harder on me than I thought it would be. I woke up tired, dragged through the day functioning at 50% of what I usually am, and found myself being really confused every now and then as to what I should be doing, because the time change scrambled my routine completely. Then, after what seemed like an endless day in the lab, I came back home with the worst headache I’ve had in a while. Two aspirins and it was gone, but it bothers me how often I get headaches lately. Maybe after constant reading and staring at a computer screen since I was three, I’ve finally damaged my vision and need glasses? But I have no problem seeing anything, no matter the distance.

What I’m proud of today is how well I functioned, despite feeling less than awesome. I stayed positive, telling myself that even though I felt bad, it was only an off day. I used to be the type of person that whenever faced with imperfect conditions would just panic, thinking, Now what? How am I gonna handle the work when I feel like fainting, I will totally ruin the experiment. Today, my thoughts were something along the lines of, Oh, I feel like fainting but WILL finish the experiment and will do it well. That gave me strength and I even started feeling a bit better. (BTW, some of you may think I’m being hard on myself and should’ve just left my work when I wasn’t feeling well, but when you do these experiments, you have to do the whole 8-hour load of work at once or results will be meaningless).

I was done with lab work at about 7 PM, came back to my room and passed out. Now, three hours later, I’ve still done nothing about my daily exercise challenge and I don’t like that. My head still hurts a bit, though, and I feel too tired for heavy exercise, so I’ll just walk for an hour or so around the lake. I know, not much of an exercise, but at least I get the benefits of movement and fresh air. Besides, the campus is so beautiful when everybody’s gone for spring break, the weather is sunny and warm, and everything is really tranquill.


Richmond at dusk

Some news from the friends in Buffalo: My friends had a nice trip to Niagara falls, and are now resting in their hotel rooms and trying to find something to do, because the town is totally deserted in the winter when not many tourists come. Tomorrow, they’re going to see the falls and will take many pictures, some of which I promise to post later.

And before I go, here’s another photo of my campus on Monday when it was covered in snow and everyone got an extra day of break:

Richmond, covered in snow

Richmond, covered in snow


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