Stuffed animals

I’m obsessed with stuffed animals. Despite being over 21 and feeling to old to have them, I keep buying them, hugging them when I go to bed and being proud of having many sizes and cuteness levels. Stuffed animals are my crack…along with shoes, makeup, the latest House episodes, the game The Sims, and, of course, SUGAR in all its forms and flavors.

The trip to the panda gift shop in DC felt like an overdose…


I’d never guess there are stuffed animals I wouldn’t buy if I had endless amounts of cash… Until I found this piglet on


Is it break-dancing? Is it an acrobat? Is it doing yoga? Is it flashing the children with some censored parts of the stuffed piglet anatomy?

However, the break-dancing piglet looks pretty normal next to this creature:


This life form must’ve been designed by someone on acid. When the acid trip got bad he created the next one:


Nothing like a crab with polka dots and strabismus to teach little kids to be tolerant and friendly towards people with eye disorders.

The hext stuffed animal is not an animal. It’s mustache:


Last but not least, some stuffed animals are not ugly or funny. They’re just plain disturbing:


The perfect gift to inspire you little one to be an oceanographer. Or maybe a reference to Jaws for the newer generation who haven’t yet heard of it.



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6 responses to “Stuffed animals

  1. OMG! The shark…. I liked the pig though. And the strange creature after it. Seems fluffy and friendly enough. 🙂

  2. I liked only the mustache, but I still though it was a weird choice for a stuffed toy

  3. Вкусове всякакви, нали знаеш? 😉

  4. emily

    ha ha ha same here stuffed animals are my crack!!! infact i dont even need crack!!!!!

  5. stuffed animals are very cute and lovely, i bet that most kids and even women loves them :*-

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